Welcome to RI

ReachingInternationals.com is dedicated to the thrilling experience of ministering to international students:

  • Connecting with them relationally
  • Reaching them for Jesus Christ
  • Coaching them in their faith
  • Empowering them to reach others

In America, and in other Western nations where they are studying, international students are an extremely strategic audience for the gospel.  In America alone, colleges and universities are host to more than 1,000,000 students and scholars from other nations!  And these internationals are the world’s future leaders.

“When these students complete their education and return to their homelands they assume leadership in international corporations and national institutions.  Or, they become political leaders influencing thousands.” – Dr. Billy Graham

On many American campuses, more than 100 nations are represented including countries that are relatively difficult to reach with the gospel – Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Iran and Japan.  These nations are sending us their best and brightest students, their potential leaders, and we have the opportunity to love them with the love of Christ.