A Snapshot of Student Leadership

(The names in this article are fictitious, but the story is true.)

Amit is a graduate student from India.  He came to his American university with a vision to reach other Indian students with the gospel.  Meanwhile,  a Christian ministry staff worker on his same campus, Susan, was praying that God would send a partner to help her reach Indian students for Christ.  She was open to various types of partners, but she felt that the best person to reach Indian students with the gospel would probably be an Indian student.

During a welcome week picnic for international students, Amit met this Susan, and it wasn’t long before a partnership began.  Amit emerged as a true student leader who has embraced the vision to bring the gospel to as many Indian students as possible while he is pursing his degree.

Some Of The Ways That Amit Has Demonstrated Leadership:

 1.  He was willing to move from one apartment complex to another so that he could be in the middle of the off-campus Indian student population.

2.  He quickly recruited another Indian Christian student to join in his efforts.

3.  He recruited other Indian Christians from his church who were recent graduates.  They shared his burden to minister to the Indian students on the campus.

4.  He has planned and carried out large outreaches which have helped to build a good relationship with the Indian community.

5.  He has organized a weekly Bible study and some other activities to help build a sense of community among the Christians.  They have begun to align themselves with his vision of reaching the Indian students on his campus.

Although Susan serves as a friend and coach, Amit is the central leader and public face of this ministry.   Susan provides encouragement, brainstorms solutions to problems, and helps Amit find the resources needed to pursue his vision.    But she would freely say that the ministry to Indians would be very limited without Amit’s leadership.

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