God’s Eternal Purpose (KGP-GEP) Gospel Tract

People who have little or no background in Christian faith need to start with basic questions: What is the Bible, Who is God,¬†Who are we and why am I here. They need an introduction to a Christian worldview as a necessary framework for understanding the gospel. This is the reason for introducing the concept of […]


International Christian Foundations

International Christian Foundations series was created to assist Christians who have little Biblical knowledge to share God’s word accurately and simply. It is designed so the answers come from the passage enabling it to be prepared from the Leader’s Guide without much instruction. This makes it highly transferable and so encourages Christians to be multipliers.


All Nations Returnees Conference


Equipper Conference


Japanese Christian Fellowship Network


Dos and Don’ts for Japanese

Japanese students and scholars are easy to meet and befriend.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


Japan Campus Crusade for Christ Website

This is their English website but has links to the Japanese language so you can better direct your Japanese friend to evangelistic/discipleship material in Japanese.

You can also order Japanese material (KGP booklet, bilingual 4 Spiritual Laws, follow-up material, etc.) from this website.


Reaching Japanese for Christ

This is an organization that has resources and training for those who are burdened to reach Japanese living in the U.S. They host conferences on the West Coast and in Hawaii.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Japanese

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses we often encounter in ministering to Japanese studying in America.  Practical suggestions for relating the gospel effectively and meaningfully.


How to Share the Love of God with Japanese

JapanNet’s very helpful and informative 27 page article which covers many aspects of evangelism and discipleship of Japanese.


Japanese Fast Facts

Japanese and Western cultures are quite different. This quick read gives tips to help you relate to Japanese students.


Answering Islam

A comprehensive website that offers many insights into Islam and materials for ministering to Muslims.


Books and Booklets for Ministry to Middle Easterners

 Here are the titles of some “classics” to help you ministry to Middle Easterners…


Questions to Ask Our Muslim Friends

Series of suggested questions to help you engage with your Muslim friend in personal and spiritual discussions.


Six Tips for Ministering the Gospel to Muslims

Many thousands of international students come to America each year from countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  Students from these countries might initially be wary of Christians’ attempts to reach out to them, but lifelong friendships often result. Here are some time-tested ways to reach Muslims.


The Muslim Mindset Toward Christians

It should not be a surprise that Muslims tend to view Christians and Christian-based societies very differently than we would view ourselves or our societies.  Consider the following aspects of a typical Muslim’s mindset.


Comparison of Views between Muslims and Christians

There are significant areas of agreement in the religious views of Muslims and Christians.  There are also significant differences.  Here is a summary of these views.


Resources for Reaching Middle Easterners (Muslims)

Recommended books, articles, and tools for evangelism and discipleship of Muslims.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Middle Easterners, North Africans, and Central Asians

Because of the predominant religion in their homelands, students from this region are often regarded the most difficult to reach with the message of Jesus.


Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends

It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Here are some pointers as you initiate these discussions.


Frequently Asked Questions by Muslims

This website has some answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.


Dos and Don’ts for Middle Easterners

It’s usually very easy to meet and befriend those from a middle east background.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


The People of God

Link to a four course series, “The People of God.” Each of the four courses, “The Beginning of People,” “God’s Covenant with People,” “God Loves People” and “The People of Faith” contain 5 or 6 lessons each and a short quiz at the end. This study was prepared for Muslims to understand the message of the Old and New Testaments.


Differences Between Islam and Christianity

A simple graphic that shows the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.


Important Islamic Terms

When in conversation with your Muslim friend, it will be important to be familiar with the following Islamic terms.


History and Growth of Islam

Specific beliefs within Islam may vary widely from country to country or sect to sect. The material here reflects the beliefs and practices of Middle Eastern conservative Islam, so it is not necessarily representative of most of the world’s Muslims, however it is essential to have some knowledge of Islam when reaching out to its followers.



Six Basic Muslim Beliefs

Six basic doctrines are generally identified as central to Islamic teaching.  They are:


Understanding Regional Diversity of Indian Students

Depending on the region of India where the Indian student originates, there is significant cultural diversity. For meeting and initiating relationships with Indian students on US campuses, this article is quite valuable.


Books for Ministering to Hindus

What book would you give to a Hindu student with a mild interest in Christ and the gospel?  Here are some of the best recommendations by those experienced in working with Hindu students.


Dos and Don’ts for South Asians

It’s usually very easy to meet and befriend those from a South Asian background.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: South Asian Indians

India is a land of great variety from state to state- yet there are some cultural features that are important to understand when seeking to minister to its people.


Insights into Indian Culture

Indian culture has often been described as a “strong” culture.  As compared to other internationals, Indians will have more customs and preferences that differ from those of an American.  And those differing customs and preferences may be valued more deeply. 


The Hindu Heritage

On both the academic and practical levels, there is a great debate about what it means to be Hindu.  Hinduism has evolved over many centuries.  It has assimilated an incredible diversity of beliefs and practices. 


Hindu Terms

A collection of the most common Hindu terms sorted into two levels: basic and advanced.


Faith Sharing with Hindus

The Hindus living here in America value family and friendship. They often feel isolated or excluded from American life.  Most would welcome a meaningful connection with those who would take a genuine interest in them and their culture.


Dos and Don’ts for Chinese

It’s easy to make mistakes when you are trying to minister to Chinese.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors…


The Chinese Four Laws

The Four Spiritual Laws in simple Chinese language. (online presentation)



Chinese evangelistic website.



Chinese evangelistic website.


Quest for Joy

An evangelistic article by John Piper in Chinese.


Asian Book One

Christian Books and Resources for Chinese (some websites, like this one, require Chinese fonts to view correctly)


Foundations for Faith Bible Study Series

Foundations for Faith (Chinese bilingual) are an eight-part series of studies which cover the basics of Christian belief. Two lessons each on the following topics: 1) What Is God Like According to The Bible? 2) If God Exists, Why Is the World in This Condition? 3) What Did God Do About the Problems? 4) Why Did Jesus Have to Die on The Cross?


Song of a Wanderer

“Song of a Wanderer – Beckoned by Eternity,”. This book has proven to be a highly effective tool in presenting the gospel to non-believing Mainland Chinese intellectuals. This site allows you to view the book online.


Christian Character Bible Studies in Chinese

8 part series of bible studies on the various topics related to Christian Character.  Chinese language in PDF format for download.


Christian Living Bible Studies for Chinese

Eight part series of bible studies on various topics related to Christian living. (in Chinese)


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Mainland Chinese

International students from Mainland China have a unique hunger for gospel input.  They also usually approach Christianity from a very pragmatic point of view.  A fruitful witness to them will combine answers to these pragmatic questions with input on the eternal issues of sin, God’s grace and Jesus’ death on the cross.


Follow-Up Materials for Chinese (Bilingual)

Seven part followup series developed by China Outreach Ministries. Each 4 page study is bilingual.

Josh McDowell Ministry has created a new website for Chinese (in Mandarin). It covers topics such as family resources, youth resources, apologetics, videos, and mp3s.


Chinese Focus Group

Three week focus group for Chinese produced by Bridges International.


Returnee Handbook

This handbook for Chinese returnees is written from a Christian perspective and aimed at helping them succeed spiritually upon return to China. It was produced by the OCF-CEM ministry, and distributed electronically and posted by permission on Both English and Chinese versions and a cover letter are included.


Chinese Translation of Cojourners “Passages”

Passages is a 28-day, evangelism focused, daily devotional. Passages provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with close friends as well as recent acquaintances, as daily prayer and meditation on God’s word aid in breaking down walls and personal barriers to evangelism. Chinese translation


China Outreach Ministries

China Outreach Ministries is a Christian mission organization which offers Christ to China’s future leaders, primarily those studying outside of China, by:

– Showing them the love of Christ in practical ways.
– Leading them to faith in Christ.
– Discipling, training and mentoring them in Christian faith.
– Equipping them to minister creatively to other Chinese people.