All Nations Returnees Conference


Equipper Conference


Japanese Christian Fellowship Network


Dos and Don’ts for Japanese

Japanese students and scholars are easy to meet and befriend.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


Japan Campus Crusade for Christ Website

This is their English website but has links to the Japanese language so you can better direct your Japanese friend to evangelistic/discipleship material in Japanese.

You can also order Japanese material (KGP booklet, bilingual 4 Spiritual Laws, follow-up material, etc.) from this website.


Reaching Japanese for Christ

This is an organization that has resources and training for those who are burdened to reach Japanese living in the U.S. They host conferences on the West Coast and in Hawaii.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Japanese

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses we often encounter in ministering to Japanese studying in America.  Practical suggestions for relating the gospel effectively and meaningfully.


How to Share the Love of God with Japanese

JapanNet’s very helpful and informative 27 page article which covers many aspects of evangelism and discipleship of Japanese.


Japanese Fast Facts

Japanese and Western cultures are quite different. This quick read gives tips to help you relate to Japanese students.