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Answering Islam

A comprehensive website that offers many insights into Islam and materials for ministering to Muslims.


Books and Booklets for Ministry to Middle Easterners

 Here are the titles of some “classics” to help you ministry to Middle Easterners…


Questions to Ask Our Muslim Friends

Series of suggested questions to help you engage with your Muslim friend in personal and spiritual discussions.


Six Tips for Ministering the Gospel to Muslims

Many thousands of international students come to America each year from countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  Students from these countries might initially be wary of Christians’ attempts to reach out to them, but lifelong friendships often result. Here are some time-tested ways to reach Muslims.


The Muslim Mindset Toward Christians

It should not be a surprise that Muslims tend to view Christians and Christian-based societies very differently than we would view ourselves or our societies.  Consider the following aspects of a typical Muslim’s mindset.


Comparison of Views between Muslims and Christians

There are significant areas of agreement in the religious views of Muslims and Christians.  There are also significant differences.  Here is a summary of these views.


Resources for Reaching Middle Easterners (Muslims)

Recommended books, articles, and tools for evangelism and discipleship of Muslims.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Middle Easterners, North Africans, and Central Asians

Because of the predominant religion in their homelands, students from this region are often regarded the most difficult to reach with the message of Jesus.


Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends

It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Here are some pointers as you initiate these discussions.


Frequently Asked Questions by Muslims

This website has some answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.


Dos and Don’ts for Middle Easterners

It’s usually very easy to meet and befriend those from a middle east background.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


The People of God

Link to a four course series, “The People of God.” Each of the four courses, “The Beginning of People,” “God’s Covenant with People,” “God Loves People” and “The People of Faith” contain 5 or 6 lessons each and a short quiz at the end. This study was prepared for Muslims to understand the message of the Old and New Testaments.


Differences Between Islam and Christianity

A simple graphic that shows the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.


Important Islamic Terms

When in conversation with your Muslim friend, it will be important to be familiar with the following Islamic terms.


History and Growth of Islam

Specific beliefs within Islam may vary widely from country to country or sect to sect. The material here reflects the beliefs and practices of Middle Eastern conservative Islam, so it is not necessarily representative of most of the world’s Muslims, however it is essential to have some knowledge of Islam when reaching out to its followers.



Six Basic Muslim Beliefs

Six basic doctrines are generally identified as central to Islamic teaching.  They are: