South Asian

Understanding Regional Diversity of Indian Students

Depending on the region of India where the Indian student originates, there is significant cultural diversity. For meeting and initiating relationships with Indian students on US campuses, this article is quite valuable.


Books for Ministering to Hindus

What book would you give to a Hindu student with a mild interest in Christ and the gospel?  Here are some of the best recommendations by those experienced in working with Hindu students.


Dos and Don’ts for South Asians

It’s usually very easy to meet and befriend those from a South Asian background.  It’s also easy to make mistakes.  This list is intended to help you avoid the most common cultural errors.


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: South Asian Indians

India is a land of great variety from state to state- yet there are some cultural features that are important to understand when seeking to minister to its people.


Insights into Indian Culture

Indian culture has often been described as a “strong” culture.  As compared to other internationals, Indians will have more customs and preferences that differ from those of an American.  And those differing customs and preferences may be valued more deeply. 


The Hindu Heritage

On both the academic and practical levels, there is a great debate about what it means to be Hindu.  Hinduism has evolved over many centuries.  It has assimilated an incredible diversity of beliefs and practices. 


Hindu Terms

A collection of the most common Hindu terms sorted into two levels: basic and advanced.


Faith Sharing with Hindus

The Hindus living here in America value family and friendship. They often feel isolated or excluded from American life.  Most would welcome a meaningful connection with those who would take a genuine interest in them and their culture.