Know God Personally Diagram

Download this resource. Introduction: Could I share a picture with you that explains the theme of the Bible (forgiveness of man) from beginning to end? Draw the triangle representing God and the stick figure to show the relationship. Draw the tree representing the opposite of God. Explain that man’s free choice is to love God or […]


God’s Eternal Purpose (KGP-GEP) Gospel Tract

People who have little or no background in Christian faith need to start with basic questions: What is the Bible, Who is God, Who are we and why am I here. They need an introduction to a Christian worldview as a necessary framework for understanding the gospel. This is the reason for introducing the concept of […]



Surveys are a great way to get to know new people – whether you’re on campus, at the mall, or at the beach. Here are a few samples. Feel free to use these questions or make up your own. The important thing is to choose questions that will allow you to learn more about the […]


International Christian Foundations

International Christian Foundations series was created to assist Christians who have little Biblical knowledge to share God’s word accurately and simply. It is designed so the answers come from the passage enabling it to be prepared from the Leader’s Guide without much instruction. This makes it highly transferable and so encourages Christians to be multipliers.

This website is a result of years writing lessons for English conversation groups. A Bridges International staff woman wrote them so that anyone can read through them with someone without a great deal of preparation. Resources include conversation discussion guides, games and other recommended resources. Discussion Guides focus on one or two Scriptures, with appropriate questions, and sometimes a painting to stimulate and further conversation. The English level seems to be about right for university students working to improve their language skills. Each lesson takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on the level of English of the student.


International Friendships, Inc

IFI is a Christian community organization that works in partnership with universities and local churches to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars and family members. Key students from some of the least reached nations in the world are preparing for their future in universities all over the United States. Many will return to their homeland as leaders in education, business, government and more. IFI can help you serve international students and train them to be ambassadors for Christ when they return home.


Association of Christians Ministering Among Internationals (ACMI)

ACMI is a network of Christians who share a common goal—reaching international students and scholars with the good news of Jesus Christ. We come from missions, local churches, campuses, and the marketplace. We believe that by collaborating together and sharing our resources we can more effectively accomplish the ACMI mission.


All Nations Returnees Conference


Equipper Conference


Japanese Christian Fellowship Network


Launching a Movement

Experience has shown that spiritual movements usually develop in a natural progression.  Eight steps are given for the local leader who wants to launch a local movement to international students


Mobilizing Student Leaders

Why is it that many international students are not stepping forward to lead?  How can I create a ministry environment which empowers students?  Here are some answers.


Outreach Ideas

There are many creative ways to provide fun and fellowship for your international students– the kind of events they will want to bring their friends to. Here are some of the best!


Contextualized Ministry

What is meant when we talk about “Contextualization” in Ministry?  Here are four different ways you can put it…


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


Passport to the Bible

This book from Intervarsity is an easy to follow discussion guide that also works well for small groups. It will lead you through an introduction to the Bible, plus four sections of six studies each on “Who is God?” “Who am I?” “Jesus, Who Are You?” and “Experiencing God – Responding to Jesus.”


Every International Student

This is a safe place to explore the issues of college life as an international student in the US and what it means to know God. It has topics of special interest to internationals recently arriving in the U.S. It is connected to and has links to similar sites in seventeen different languages.


The Spirit-Filled Life

The simple and clear presentation of the Spirit-Filled Life online.


Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity

A basic course offered by Campus Crusade for Christ International, the Ten Steps have been used by millions of people, including students and pastors around the world in multiple languages. These studies are the product of many years of extensive development, testing and revision. Whether you need to discover the basics of the faith for yourself, or lead others into a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ, Ten Steps is for you.


Following Up a New Believer

Discipleship material for helping another get started in the Christian Life. The “Life Concepts” introduction, follow-up sheets and leader’s guides are available also.


The Transferable Concepts

A series of “how to’s” – or “transferable concepts” in which are discussed many of the basic truths that Jesus and His disciples taught. A “transferable concept” is an idea or a truth which can be transferred or communicated from one person to another and then to another, spiritual generation after generation, without distorting or diluting its original meaning.


The Great Commission

The greatest challenge ever given to man by the greatest person who has ever lived. (a transferable concept)


The Story of a Kingdom

In “The Story of a Kingdom” Jonathan Gibson explains the Bible in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Written primarily for international students, this online book is suitable for any new Christians who want to get a grasp of the Bible’s big story. As the title explains it follows the development of God’s Kingdom through the main turning points of the Bible.


God’s Big Picture

In “God’s Big Picture” Vaughan Roberts helps us to see the Bible as one book, with one author (God) and one consistent theme – God’s kingdom – God’s people, living in God’s place, under God’s rule and blessing. This is a short book (less than 160 pages), and well worth the time it takes to read. (order online)


The Master Plan of Evangelism

Convinced that studying the Master would help to spread the gospel, Coleman set out to show that Jesus offered the best blueprint for fulfilling the Great Commission. Two million copies later, this slim volume is still best for teaching Christ-centered evangelism. Foreword by Billy Graham. (order online)


Personal Disciplemaking

Personal Disciplemaking was written by Chris Adsit and was originally published in 1988. The vision God developed in Chris through the writing of this book and his subsequent seminars eventually led Chris to launch a ministry devoted to training and resourcing disciplemakers, Disciplemakers International. (order online)


Biblical Training

Biblical Training offers Christian evangelical teaching to the world. Registering is absolutely free. Classes are divided into four categories, ranging from someone who is not a follower of Jesus all the way to graduate level classes for church leaders. (online classes)


Books for Answering Tough Questions

Many times students will ask tough questions that stump you.  Here are five great resources to give you the answers you need….


The Chinese Four Laws

The Four Spiritual Laws in simple Chinese language. (online presentation)



Chinese evangelistic website.



Chinese evangelistic website.


Quest for Joy

An evangelistic article by John Piper in Chinese.


Asian Book One

Christian Books and Resources for Chinese (some websites, like this one, require Chinese fonts to view correctly)


Answering Islam

A comprehensive website that offers many insights into Islam and materials for ministering to Muslims.


The Jesus Film in Most Languages

You can watch the 2 hour film on the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke online in virtually any language.


The People of God

Link to a four course series, “The People of God.” Each of the four courses, “The Beginning of People,” “God’s Covenant with People,” “God Loves People” and “The People of Faith” contain 5 or 6 lessons each and a short quiz at the end. This study was prepared for Muslims to understand the message of the Old and New Testaments.


Books and Booklets for Ministry to Middle Easterners

 Here are the titles of some “classics” to help you ministry to Middle Easterners…


The Hope Video

This is a DVD that covers the Biblical story from Genesis to the book of Acts. It is available in many languages and has English subtitles. You can view the English version on-line to get a better idea.

It is very useful for all cultures but especially the Asians because they tend to be less knowledgeable of the Biblical story.


Japan Campus Crusade for Christ Website

This is their English website but has links to the Japanese language so you can better direct your Japanese friend to evangelistic/discipleship material in Japanese.

You can also order Japanese material (KGP booklet, bilingual 4 Spiritual Laws, follow-up material, etc.) from this website.


Bibles in Many Languages

Simple way to order Bibles in many languages and/or bilingual Bibles.


Reaching Japanese for Christ

This is an organization that has resources and training for those who are burdened to reach Japanese living in the U.S. They host conferences on the West Coast and in Hawaii.


InterVarsity’s International Student Ministries Resources

The impact of InterVarsity’s International Student Ministry is that thousands of international students are exposed to the Gospel for the first time each year.


International Students, Inc.

Drawing upon years of experience in international student ministry, ISI is pleased to offer a variety of materials and resources. On these pages you’ll find everything from student Bible studies to country profiles and books. Some materials are free downloads, while others are available for purchase. Take time to browse and find exactly what you need to enrich your ministry and serve international students.


World Religions Index

Equipping Christians to Understand Other World Faiths and Religious Philosophies


Christian Conferences for International Students

Christian conferences can play a huge role in motivation, training, and leadership development of international students.  Here are some of the most prominent ISM ministries and their online conference information.


The Twelve Tests of True Love

The following tests, adapted from Chip Ingram’s book Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships, can help you evaluate a relationship and determine if you are really in love.


Time Tips for Better Grades in College and University

Poor time management can lead to stress, poor grades and perhaps burnout in the long run. But with some planning, you can make the most of your time. Here’s how.


Budgeting in Six Easy Steps

Creating and sticking to a personal budget is a vital part of personal financial planning. Here is an easy, six-step method for arriving at a budget you can live with.


Get Better Grades

There is no reason why you can’t get better grades AND have more fun– if you follow these guidelines…


Preparing to Return Home

Do you remember how much time you spent making preparations for your journey and thinking about what life in the U.S. would be like? Just as much thought now needs to be given to your return home.


Think Home

Here is a very special workbook to help Christian international students begin to prepare for returning to their home country (which should be started on long before actually returning). (order online)


Grad Resources

Grad Resources is an independent faith-based service for the practical and emotional needs of graduate students.


The Hope ESL Curriculum

The HOPE ESL (English as a Second Language) software curriculum is now available and ready to be used. Using audio and video from The HOPE film

( an effective ESL/Gospel ministry tool has been created.


Welcoming Internationals

International students often express their need and desire for friends, particularly at the very beginning of their time in America. Because this time is so crucial for our friends from overseas, it is imperative that we lay plans in advance to help them during these early days, when they so keenly feel the strangeness of our land.


International Students’ 5 Primary Felt Needs

International students have unique needs.  Here are some ways to meet those needs…


How You Can Walk in the Spirit

What greater promise could Christ offer to the Christian than the assurance that he can walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and experience an abundant and fruitful life of purpose and adventure? Here is how…


How You Can Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Learning how to be filled (controlled and empowered) by the Holy Spirit by faith can be the most important discovery of your Christian life.


Helping Internationals to Understand a New Culture

There are several good ways to help your international friends adjust their new experiences in America…


International Survival Kits

An easy way to meet new international students– the international survival kit.


Presenting the “Perfect-Broken Diagram”

It’s often effective to sketch out the gospel in a very personal and interactive way.  The “Perfect-Broken Diagram” is a great tool for this.  Here is how to go through it…


Tours and Trips (Sample Registration and Flyer)

Sample registration card and flyer for a tour or trip.


The First Six Weeks of the Semester

A four page pdf document from which gives excellent advice for the campus worker that needs help “making the most of his time” as classes start up.


Launching a Ministry Chart

Overview of the steps you would take to launch a new ministry to internationals.


First Steps Chart

First steps from initial meeting to sharing Christ to follow-up. A simple overview of the process of personal evangelism with an international friend.


Evangelistic Events

Both one-to-one personal evangelism and large group events are effective at certain times and with certain people.  Here’s an overview of conducting an effective large group outreach.


Where to Look for Ministry Leaders

If you have been motivated to reach out to internationals on a campus nearby, then you may need some ideas about how to begin to put together a team of ministry leaders.


Foundations for Faith Bible Study Series

Foundations for Faith (Chinese bilingual) are an eight-part series of studies which cover the basics of Christian belief. Two lessons each on the following topics: 1) What Is God Like According to The Bible? 2) If God Exists, Why Is the World in This Condition? 3) What Did God Do About the Problems? 4) Why Did Jesus Have to Die on The Cross?


Follow Up Material (four part)

A four part series of follow up materials to help a new believer become established in their faith. The series of four page colored pdfs cover various topics: confidence, acceptance, empowerment, and development.


New Life Resources Evangelism Tools

Evangelism tools for all ages that you can order online.


Knowing God Personally

An presentation of the Gospel that is oriented around the theme of establishing a personal relationship with God (online presentation).


Decoding the Campus

The university campus can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Before you embark on a ministry to international students, you will want to “spy out the land”, so to speak.  Here’s how….


The 250 Evangelism Idea

The 250 Evangelism Ideas For Your Campus is a tremendous resource, consisting of ideas that college students have used to reach out to their classmates. Many of the ideas can easily be adapted to use with international students. To order this $12 book, call 1-800-827-2788 or visit


The Four Laws in Your Language

The Four Spiritual Laws is one of the most reliable and widely distributed gospel presentations available anywhere. This website allows you to read it in 157 different modern languages (online presentation).


Connecting with God

A simple, clear, and trustworthy presentation of the Gospel in modern day American English (online presentation).


La Búsqueda

“Mini Film Festival in a box!” The Short Film Strategy utilizes a DVD that contains 11 films, as well as interviews with the filmmakers and interactive questions. The DVD can be used in small- or large-group settings. After the audience watches the film, facilitators walk them through thought-provoking questions related to it. Next they associate a biblical story with the film and someone shares his or her testimony. This leads to the gospel message.



In an easily transportable packet, Soularium provides 50 4×6 original photographic images and 5 simple exploring questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one spiritual conversations with non-believers. Questions explore students’ desires for their life and spiritual journey and provide many bridges to dialogue about Jesus.


My Soularium

Life and spiritual journey in pictures. Discover what others have said, enter other people’s responses, or go deeper in your own journey with MySoularium.


Evangelism Toolbox

A website featuring evangelistic tools from a variety of ministries.


Bible Gateway

The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online — all in the language or translation of your choice! It provides advanced searching capabilities, which allow readers to find and compare particular passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.


Storytellers/ Stranger on the Road to Emmaus produces materials which are geared for those having little-to-no Bible background – assuming nothing. This may be due to remote location (i.e. tribal), or because a dominant religion hinders a clear explanation of the Scriptures. Also included are those living in post-Christian societies.


Multi-Language Media

Their Online Catalog contains Scriptures in over 88 languages, Christian books in 53 languages, the Who Is Jesus? tract, Bible-based ESL materials, the JESUS DVD in over 1000 languages, plus a variety of foreign-language Christian DVDs.


Song of a Wanderer

“Song of a Wanderer – Beckoned by Eternity,”. This book has proven to be a highly effective tool in presenting the gospel to non-believing Mainland Chinese intellectuals. This site allows you to view the book online.


Beginning & Leading a Small Group

This tool is a series of six brief articles, designed to help you launch and lead a small group. If you have never led a small group, or you have been leading one for years, these articles for you.


Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, has identified the following ingredients to a powerful prayer life in the Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity.


Spiritual Leadership

What characteristics do we see in spiritual leaders? What traits would be necessary for a person to be a leader and part of the leadership team on a local campus?


How to Study the Bible

Walks you through six steps of inductive bible study methods.


Christian Character Bible Studies in Chinese

8 part series of bible studies on the various topics related to Christian Character.  Chinese language in PDF format for download.


Christian Living Bible Studies for Chinese

Eight part series of bible studies on various topics related to Christian living. (in Chinese)


ISKs Questionnaire

Sample questionnaire that you can use with your International Survival Kit distribution. It will help you make contacts that you can follow-up on for future ministry opportunities.


Communicating the Great Commission

How can you best communicate the Great Commission to your disciples?


Challenging Students to Meaningful Leadership

What are the top 10 dos/donts to keep in mind about encouraging international students to lead?


Adapting To Students’ Time Constraints

Many work 70, 80 or 90 hours per week on research and/or studies.  Given their incredibly busy schedules, how can we effectively minister to internationals?


Experiencing the Mission

How might an international student develop a passion for reaching others and gain a heart for the world? Answer: Short Term Missions


Compelling Vision Diagram

Full-color graphic pdf showing the “compelling vision” for reaching internationals. Useful for a variety of ministries and settings.


Reasonable Faith

Website featuring information, forums, Q&A, and resources for defending the Christian faith.


Magdalena: Released from Shame

In the movie Magdalena: Released From Shame, Mary Magdalene acts as both narrator and participant. Throughout the movie, she traces through the story of lives that have come into contact with this man, Jesus, and have been powerfully released from shame. Is God’s transforming power still available today?


Questions to Ask Our Muslim Friends

Series of suggested questions to help you engage with your Muslim friend in personal and spiritual discussions.


Differences Between Islam and Christianity

A simple graphic that shows the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.


Relational Thinking vs. Terminal Thinking

Relational thinking is a pattern of thought where a person evaluates and relates his present activities and decisions to his ultimate vision.  It helps the Christian align the agendas of life and ministry in a way that brings greater fruitfulness and peace of mind. 


How to Survive in the U.S.

International Students, Inc. (ISI), has produced “How to Survive in the U.S.” as a resource guide to help the international student feel at home in this country. It is an excellent resource you can recommend to students as they are making their adjustments.


Six Tips for Ministering the Gospel to Muslims

Many thousands of international students come to America each year from countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  Students from these countries might initially be wary of Christians’ attempts to reach out to them, but lifelong friendships often result. Here are some time-tested ways to reach Muslims.


Foundations for Faith Studies in English

English version of the four-part evangelistic series of Bible Studies. Also very helpful for young Christians.


The Challenge to Become a World Christian

“The Traveling Team” presents twelve interactive lessons designed to cause Christians to think more globally about their faith and commitment.


Stories from Spiritual Movements

Spiritual movements belong to God-He raises them up and He works through them.  Not surprisingly, He does things within these movements that bring honor to His name.  Check out the following stories! 


Partnering with Other Ministries

If you seek to reach more international students in your area, you will need an increased commitment to unity among ministries. 


Resources for Reaching Middle Easterners (Muslims)

Recommended books, articles, and tools for evangelism and discipleship of Muslims.


30 Easy Ways to Save Time

International students typically have a great deal of pressure on them.  Here are 30 great ideas to better manage time and increase productivity and efficiency in everything they do.


Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends

It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Here are some pointers as you initiate these discussions.


New Horizons, Adjusting to Life Back Home

This books by ISI provides a wealth of information, advice and encouragement for international student as they plan to return home again.


Christianity Explained

A effective series of lessons to simply and clearly present the truths of Christianity.


How to Share the Love of God with Japanese

JapanNet’s very helpful and informative 27 page article which covers many aspects of evangelism and discipleship of Japanese.


Overcoming Spiritual Barriers

An excellent article by Katie Rawson on IVP’s site. It discusses the biblical teaching on the powers of evil and the necessity of spiritual warfare.


Daily Bible Reading Plans

A daily, regular time of Bible reading can do more to change your life (and the lives of your disciples) than almost anything. Here is a good link to “Heartlight”, who has brought together several Bible reading plans to choose from. Find one that suits your tastes, and dig in!


Planning Worksheet for the First Six Weeks

Companion piece to “The First Six Weeks”. Checklist to help you get off to a good start on the new semester.


Follow-Up Materials for Chinese (Bilingual)

Seven part followup series developed by China Outreach Ministries. Each 4 page study is bilingual.

Josh McDowell Ministry has created a new website for Chinese (in Mandarin). It covers topics such as family resources, youth resources, apologetics, videos, and mp3s.


International Scholars JESUS film DVD

A special edition DVD of the “JESUS” film has been created with the 16 language most commonly spoken by international students. Additional “JESUS” film DVDs with different language combinations are also available.


Returnee Handbook

This handbook for Chinese returnees is written from a Christian perspective and aimed at helping them succeed spiritually upon return to China. It was produced by the OCF-CEM ministry, and distributed electronically and posted by permission on Both English and Chinese versions and a cover letter are included.


Life’s Greatest Questions Investigative Study

A 20 lesson study series designed for an individual or group to answer the most important questions of life. Both student and teacher guides included. Written by Chris Sneller for ministry to international students. Used by permission for


Starting with God

Everything a new Christian needs get started in their new life in Christ. Basic follow-up, suggested bible studies, links to ministries, help for connecting to others on campus.


The Institute of International Education (IIE) – Open Doors Data

Open Doors®, supported by a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, is a comprehensive information resource on international students and scholars studying or teaching at higher education institutions in the United States, and U.S. students studying abroad for academic credit at their home colleges or universities.


Chinese Translation of Cojourners “Passages”

Passages is a 28-day, evangelism focused, daily devotional. Passages provides biblical motivation and training for sharing Christ with close friends as well as recent acquaintances, as daily prayer and meditation on God’s word aid in breaking down walls and personal barriers to evangelism. Chinese translation


International Essentials Units 1-6

International Essentials Bible Study Series. Includes Units 1-6, Leader’s Guides, and Instructions.


International Essentials Unit 1

International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 1. Includes the gospel topics: God, Sin, Jesus’s Life, The Cross, and Faith topics.  One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one follow-up and discipleship.


Books for Ministering to Hindus

What book would you give to a Hindu student with a mild interest in Christ and the gospel?  Here are some of the best recommendations by those experienced in working with Hindu students.


China Outreach Ministries

China Outreach Ministries is a Christian mission organization which offers Christ to China’s future leaders, primarily those studying outside of China, by:

– Showing them the love of Christ in practical ways.
– Leading them to faith in Christ.
– Discipling, training and mentoring them in Christian faith.
– Equipping them to minister creatively to other Chinese people.


Beginning Your New Life in Christ (in English)

Seven follow-up studies to help a new believer get established in the basics of the Christian life. This version is in English. Proven especially effective with new Chinese believers.


Frequently Asked Questions by Muslims

This website has some answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.


International Essentials Unit 2

International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 2. Includes Follow-up topics: Assured, Forgiven, Filled, Continually, and Truth. One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one follow-up and discipleship.


International Essentials Unit 4


International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 4. Helps the student begin a multiplication mindset: Love People, Win, Build, Send, and Glorify topics.  One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one discipleship.



International Essentials Unit 3

International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 3. Includes topics related to practices that cause growth: Apply, Pray, Witness, Fellowship, Think topics.  One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one follow-up and discipleship.


International Essentials Unit 5

International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 5. Includes God, Sin, Jesus’s Life, The Cross, and Faith topics.  One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one discipleship.


International Essentials Unit 6

International Essentials Bible Study guided discussion lessons Unit 6. Includes Christian character studies on the topics: Trust, Love God, Obey, Faithfulness, and Hope. One PDF file which includes Preparation Guide and Leader’s Guide. Proven effective for group discussions or one-one-one discipleship.


Inductive Bible Study Method

Inductive bible study is a skill every follower of Christ will want to master. This website is loaded with tips for you and those you lead.