Know God Personally Diagram

Download this resource. Introduction: Could I share a picture with you that explains the theme of the Bible (forgiveness of man) from beginning to end? Draw the triangle representing God and the stick figure to show the relationship. Draw the tree representing the opposite of God. Explain that man’s free choice is to love God or […]


God’s Eternal Purpose (KGP-GEP) Gospel Tract

People who have little or no background in Christian faith need to start with basic questions: What is the Bible, Who is God, Who are we and why am I here. They need an introduction to a Christian worldview as a necessary framework for understanding the gospel. This is the reason for introducing the concept of […]



Surveys are a great way to get to know new people – whether you’re on campus, at the mall, or at the beach. Here are a few samples. Feel free to use these questions or make up your own. The important thing is to choose questions that will allow you to learn more about the […]


International Christian Foundations

International Christian Foundations series was created to assist Christians who have little Biblical knowledge to share God’s word accurately and simply. It is designed so the answers come from the passage enabling it to be prepared from the Leader’s Guide without much instruction. This makes it highly transferable and so encourages Christians to be multipliers.


International Survival Kits

An easy way to meet new international students– the international survival kit.


Questions to Ask Our Muslim Friends

Series of suggested questions to help you engage with your Muslim friend in personal and spiritual discussions.


Six Tips for Ministering the Gospel to Muslims

Many thousands of international students come to America each year from countries in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  Students from these countries might initially be wary of Christians’ attempts to reach out to them, but lifelong friendships often result. Here are some time-tested ways to reach Muslims.


Resources for Reaching Middle Easterners (Muslims)

Recommended books, articles, and tools for evangelism and discipleship of Muslims.


Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends

It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Here are some pointers as you initiate these discussions.


Frequently Asked Questions by Muslims

This website has some answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.


Outreach Ideas

There are many creative ways to provide fun and fellowship for your international students– the kind of events they will want to bring their friends to. Here are some of the best!


Passport to the Bible

This book from Intervarsity is an easy to follow discussion guide that also works well for small groups. It will lead you through an introduction to the Bible, plus four sections of six studies each on “Who is God?” “Who am I?” “Jesus, Who Are You?” and “Experiencing God – Responding to Jesus.”


Every International Student

This is a safe place to explore the issues of college life as an international student in the US and what it means to know God. It has topics of special interest to internationals recently arriving in the U.S. It is connected to everystudent.com and has links to similar sites in seventeen different languages.


The Master Plan of Evangelism

Convinced that studying the Master would help to spread the gospel, Coleman set out to show that Jesus offered the best blueprint for fulfilling the Great Commission. Two million copies later, this slim volume is still best for teaching Christ-centered evangelism. Foreword by Billy Graham. (order online)


Books for Answering Tough Questions

Many times students will ask tough questions that stump you.  Here are five great resources to give you the answers you need….


The Chinese Four Laws

The Four Spiritual Laws in simple Chinese language. (online presentation)



Chinese evangelistic website.



Chinese evangelistic website.


Quest for Joy

An evangelistic article by John Piper in Chinese.


The Jesus Film in Most Languages

You can watch the 2 hour film on the life of Christ based on the Gospel of Luke online in virtually any language.


The People of God

Link to a four course series, “The People of God.” Each of the four courses, “The Beginning of People,” “God’s Covenant with People,” “God Loves People” and “The People of Faith” contain 5 or 6 lessons each and a short quiz at the end. This study was prepared for Muslims to understand the message of the Old and New Testaments.


The Hope Video

This is a DVD that covers the Biblical story from Genesis to the book of Acts. It is available in many languages and has English subtitles. You can view the English version on-line to get a better idea.

It is very useful for all cultures but especially the Asians because they tend to be less knowledgeable of the Biblical story.


Presenting the “Perfect-Broken Diagram”

It’s often effective to sketch out the gospel in a very personal and interactive way.  The “Perfect-Broken Diagram” is a great tool for this.  Here is how to go through it…


Tours and Trips (Sample Registration and Flyer)

Sample registration card and flyer for a tour or trip.


First Steps Chart

First steps from initial meeting to sharing Christ to follow-up. A simple overview of the process of personal evangelism with an international friend.


Evangelistic Events

Both one-to-one personal evangelism and large group events are effective at certain times and with certain people.  Here’s an overview of conducting an effective large group outreach.


Foundations for Faith Bible Study Series

Foundations for Faith (Chinese bilingual) are an eight-part series of studies which cover the basics of Christian belief. Two lessons each on the following topics: 1) What Is God Like According to The Bible? 2) If God Exists, Why Is the World in This Condition? 3) What Did God Do About the Problems? 4) Why Did Jesus Have to Die on The Cross?


New Life Resources Evangelism Tools

Evangelism tools for all ages that you can order online.


Knowing God Personally

An presentation of the Gospel that is oriented around the theme of establishing a personal relationship with God (online presentation).


The 250 Evangelism Idea

The 250 Evangelism Ideas For Your Campus is a tremendous resource, consisting of ideas that college students have used to reach out to their classmates. Many of the ideas can easily be adapted to use with international students. To order this $12 book, call 1-800-827-2788 or visit www.campuscrusade.org.


The Four Laws in Your Language

The Four Spiritual Laws is one of the most reliable and widely distributed gospel presentations available anywhere. This website allows you to read it in 157 different modern languages (online presentation).


Connecting with God

A simple, clear, and trustworthy presentation of the Gospel in modern day American English (online presentation).


La Búsqueda

“Mini Film Festival in a box!” The Short Film Strategy utilizes a DVD that contains 11 films, as well as interviews with the filmmakers and interactive questions. The DVD can be used in small- or large-group settings. After the audience watches the film, facilitators walk them through thought-provoking questions related to it. Next they associate a biblical story with the film and someone shares his or her testimony. This leads to the gospel message.



In an easily transportable packet, Soularium provides 50 4×6 original photographic images and 5 simple exploring questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one spiritual conversations with non-believers. Questions explore students’ desires for their life and spiritual journey and provide many bridges to dialogue about Jesus.


My Soularium

Life and spiritual journey in pictures. Discover what others have said, enter other people’s responses, or go deeper in your own journey with MySoularium.


Evangelism Toolbox

A website featuring evangelistic tools from a variety of ministries.


Storytellers/ Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

Goodseed.com produces materials which are geared for those having little-to-no Bible background – assuming nothing. This may be due to remote location (i.e. tribal), or because a dominant religion hinders a clear explanation of the Scriptures. Also included are those living in post-Christian societies.


Song of a Wanderer

“Song of a Wanderer – Beckoned by Eternity,”. This book has proven to be a highly effective tool in presenting the gospel to non-believing Mainland Chinese intellectuals. This site allows you to view the book online.


Compelling Vision Diagram

Full-color graphic pdf showing the “compelling vision” for reaching internationals. Useful for a variety of ministries and settings.


Reasonable Faith

Website featuring information, forums, Q&A, and resources for defending the Christian faith.


Magdalena: Released from Shame

In the movie Magdalena: Released From Shame, Mary Magdalene acts as both narrator and participant. Throughout the movie, she traces through the story of lives that have come into contact with this man, Jesus, and have been powerfully released from shame. Is God’s transforming power still available today?


Differences Between Islam and Christianity

A simple graphic that shows the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity.


Christianity Explained

A effective series of lessons to simply and clearly present the truths of Christianity.


How to Share the Love of God with Japanese

JapanNet’s very helpful and informative 27 page article which covers many aspects of evangelism and discipleship of Japanese.


International Scholars JESUS film DVD

A special edition DVD of the “JESUS” film has been created with the 16 language most commonly spoken by international students. Additional “JESUS” film DVDs with different language combinations are also available.


Life’s Greatest Questions Investigative Study

A 20 lesson study series designed for an individual or group to answer the most important questions of life. Both student and teacher guides included. Written by Chris Sneller for ministry to international students. Used by permission for RI.com