Launching a Movement

Experience has shown that spiritual movements usually develop in a natural progression.  Eight steps are given for the local leader who wants to launch a local movement to international students


Mobilizing Student Leaders

Why is it that many international students are not stepping forward to lead?  How can I create a ministry environment which empowers students?  Here are some answers.


Contextualized Ministry

What is meant when we talk about “Contextualization” in Ministry?  Here are four different ways you can put it…


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


The Great Commission

The greatest challenge ever given to man by the greatest person who has ever lived. (a transferable concept)


The First Six Weeks of the Semester

A four page pdf document from which gives excellent advice for the campus worker that needs help “making the most of his time” as classes start up.


Launching a Ministry Chart

Overview of the steps you would take to launch a new ministry to internationals.


Evangelistic Events

Both one-to-one personal evangelism and large group events are effective at certain times and with certain people.  Here’s an overview of conducting an effective large group outreach.


Where to Look for Ministry Leaders

If you have been motivated to reach out to internationals on a campus nearby, then you may need some ideas about how to begin to put together a team of ministry leaders.


Decoding the Campus

The university campus can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Before you embark on a ministry to international students, you will want to “spy out the land”, so to speak.  Here’s how….


Spiritual Leadership

What characteristics do we see in spiritual leaders? What traits would be necessary for a person to be a leader and part of the leadership team on a local campus?


Communicating the Great Commission

How can you best communicate the Great Commission to your disciples?


Challenging Students to Meaningful Leadership

What are the top 10 dos/donts to keep in mind about encouraging international students to lead?


Experiencing the Mission

How might an international student develop a passion for reaching others and gain a heart for the world? Answer: Short Term Missions


Compelling Vision Diagram

Full-color graphic pdf showing the “compelling vision” for reaching internationals. Useful for a variety of ministries and settings.


Relational Thinking vs. Terminal Thinking

Relational thinking is a pattern of thought where a person evaluates and relates his present activities and decisions to his ultimate vision.  It helps the Christian align the agendas of life and ministry in a way that brings greater fruitfulness and peace of mind. 


Stories from Spiritual Movements

Spiritual movements belong to God-He raises them up and He works through them.  Not surprisingly, He does things within these movements that bring honor to His name.  Check out the following stories! 


Partnering with Other Ministries

If you seek to reach more international students in your area, you will need an increased commitment to unity among ministries. 


Planning Worksheet for the First Six Weeks

Companion piece to “The First Six Weeks”. Checklist to help you get off to a good start on the new semester.