Know God Personally Diagram

Download this resource. Introduction: Could I share a picture with you that explains the theme of the Bible (forgiveness of man) from beginning to end? Draw the triangle representing God and the stick figure to show the relationship. Draw the tree representing the opposite of God. Explain that man’s free choice is to love God or […]


God’s Eternal Purpose (KGP-GEP) Gospel Tract

People who have little or no background in Christian faith need to start with basic questions: What is the Bible, Who is God, Who are we and why am I here. They need an introduction to a Christian worldview as a necessary framework for understanding the gospel. This is the reason for introducing the concept of […]


International Christian Foundations

International Christian Foundations series was created to assist Christians who have little Biblical knowledge to share God’s word accurately and simply. It is designed so the answers come from the passage enabling it to be prepared from the Leader’s Guide without much instruction. This makes it highly transferable and so encourages Christians to be multipliers.


Launching a Movement

Experience has shown that spiritual movements usually develop in a natural progression.  Eight steps are given for the local leader who wants to launch a local movement to international students


Mobilizing Student Leaders

Why is it that many international students are not stepping forward to lead?  How can I create a ministry environment which empowers students?  Here are some answers.


Contextualized Ministry

What is meant when we talk about “Contextualization” in Ministry?  Here are four different ways you can put it…


Prayer Strategies

There’s no set formula for development of a prayer strategy; Here are some ways to get started…


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


The Great Commission

The greatest challenge ever given to man by the greatest person who has ever lived. (a transferable concept)


What is a Movement?

Not all spiritual movements are large or as far-reaching, but they do all impact people’s lives.


Developing a Personal Vision

Every movement begins with a vision or dream. How can you cultivate your own personal vision?


Attitudes which Shape a Dynamic Movement

Although they come in all shapes and sizes, there are some “universals” to keep in mind as you provide leadership for an emerging movement. 


Actions which Build a Dynamic Movement

Certain actions will be particularly strategic for you as you seek to provide leadership to students.  Hear is a clear explanation of how they each contribute something unique to your movement.


The First Six Weeks of the Semester

A four page pdf document from which gives excellent advice for the campus worker that needs help “making the most of his time” as classes start up.


Launching a Ministry Chart

Overview of the steps you would take to launch a new ministry to internationals.


Where to Look for Ministry Leaders

If you have been motivated to reach out to internationals on a campus nearby, then you may need some ideas about how to begin to put together a team of ministry leaders.


Decoding the Campus

The university campus can be a bit overwhelming at times.  Before you embark on a ministry to international students, you will want to “spy out the land”, so to speak.  Here’s how….


Why Reach Internationals

Why is a ministry to international students so important?


Stories from Spiritual Movements

Spiritual movements belong to God-He raises them up and He works through them.  Not surprisingly, He does things within these movements that bring honor to His name.  Check out the following stories! 


Partnering with Other Ministries

If you seek to reach more international students in your area, you will need an increased commitment to unity among ministries. 


Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity

A basic course offered by Campus Crusade for Christ International, the Ten Steps have been used by millions of people, including students and pastors around the world in multiple languages. These studies are the product of many years of extensive development, testing and revision. Whether you need to discover the basics of the faith for yourself, or lead others into a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ, Ten Steps is for you.


Following Up a New Believer

Discipleship material for helping another get started in the Christian Life. The “Life Concepts” introduction, follow-up sheets and leader’s guides are available also.


The Transferable Concepts

A series of “how to’s” – or “transferable concepts” in which are discussed many of the basic truths that Jesus and His disciples taught. A “transferable concept” is an idea or a truth which can be transferred or communicated from one person to another and then to another, spiritual generation after generation, without distorting or diluting its original meaning.


How You Can Walk in the Spirit

What greater promise could Christ offer to the Christian than the assurance that he can walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and experience an abundant and fruitful life of purpose and adventure? Here is how…


How You Can Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Learning how to be filled (controlled and empowered) by the Holy Spirit by faith can be the most important discovery of your Christian life.


Effective Follow-up for New Christians

( Coach )

Your international friend has just received Christ.  Now what do you do?  Here are some helpful pointers for following up a international student new to the faith.


Understanding the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

( Coach )

Understanding how to be filled with the Holy Spirit is one of the most important, life-changing truths any Christian can apply in their lives.  Here is a clear and simple presentation of this biblical teaching.


How to Share Your Faith

Tips on turning the conversation to Christ, making the issue clear, and answering tough questions.


Follow Up Material (four part)

A four part series of follow up materials to help a new believer become established in their faith. The series of four page colored pdfs cover various topics: confidence, acceptance, empowerment, and development.


Small Group Discipleship

( Coach )

Discpleship in small groups is an effective and biblical way to see spiritual growth in others.  Here are six “fundamentals” which will guide you as you start and lead a group.


Beginning & Leading a Small Group

This tool is a series of six brief articles, designed to help you launch and lead a small group. If you have never led a small group, or you have been leading one for years, these articles for you.


Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, has identified the following ingredients to a powerful prayer life in the Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity.


Spiritual Leadership

What characteristics do we see in spiritual leaders? What traits would be necessary for a person to be a leader and part of the leadership team on a local campus?


How to Study the Bible

Walks you through six steps of inductive bible study methods.


Teaching Transferable Truths

( Coach )

When discipling another believer, “tranferable truths” build a solid foundation that enables rapid growth and profound spiritual multiplication.


Profile of a Discipled International Student

It takes time to grow to be more like the Lord. Which three to five characteristics would you like to see in your disciples?  This article and worksheet will get you started.


Worksheet for Discipled Student Profile

 A simple tool to help you plan more effectively for the development of those you are discipling. A companion to the “Discipled International Student Profile.” Downloadable as MS Word document.


Foundations for Faith Studies in English

English version of the four-part evangelistic series of Bible Studies. Also very helpful for young Christians.


Overcoming Spiritual Barriers

An excellent article by Katie Rawson on IVP’s site. It discusses the biblical teaching on the powers of evil and the necessity of spiritual warfare.


Daily Bible Reading Plans

A daily, regular time of Bible reading can do more to change your life (and the lives of your disciples) than almost anything. Here is a good link to “Heartlight”, who has brought together several Bible reading plans to choose from. Find one that suits your tastes, and dig in!


International Friendship Program

Simple guidelines for an international friendship program.


International Survival Kits

An easy way to meet new international students– the international survival kit.


Presenting Yourself in Sensitive Situations

As your relationships deepen with international students, there is a time and a place to explain your purpose.  In addition to students, you will need to present yourself to others-including school administrators and volunteers.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you present your ministry to others.


Understanding My Friend’s Worldview

Effective communication of the Gospel requires that we understand their worldview.  But how can we learn what their presuppostions might be?


Dinners and Parties

Practical tips on how to plan a social event that will not only be enjoyable for internationals, but also give opportunities for meaningful ministry.


Entering Their World

Real influence begins once we really know the person- their heart, way of life, and culture.  But how?


Engaging with Veteran Internationals

Many student have some from other countries and are in their seond or third year here in the US.  There are specific ways you can make contact for ministry….


The Typical Experience of an International Student

The extra effort it takes to learn to understand international students is well worth the effort.  Here’s some pointers that might help…


Welcoming Internationals

International students often express their need and desire for friends, particularly at the very beginning of their time in America. Because this time is so crucial for our friends from overseas, it is imperative that we lay plans in advance to help them during these early days, when they so keenly feel the strangeness of our land.


Things to Take with You

Here are some items to put in your backpack or purse before you go over to campus to meet an international student…


International Students’ 5 Primary Felt Needs

International students have unique needs.  Here are some ways to meet those needs…


Tours and Trips

One great way to serve the needs, provide social interaction, and build rapport with your new friends is by hosting tours and trips.


Sports & Entertainment

Sporting events or other entertainment activities will give you an opportunity to involve international students and volunteers in enjoyable ministry activities together.


Helping Internationals to Understand a New Culture

There are several good ways to help your international friends adjust their new experiences in America…


Helping Internationals with their Conversational English

Here are some informal ways to help internationals improve their English skills…


Establishing Trust

In establishing relationships with those from another culture it is essential to keep in mind the Prior Question of Trust (PQT).


Serving the International Student

There are many ways to serve the international students studying at a university near you.


Ways to Meet Internationals

There are many ways to meet international students on your campus.  Here are a few which you might try…


Presenting Yourself

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. In many ways that is true, but with international students there are several ways to initiate a good connection with them.


Crowdbreakers, Mixers, and Group Games

Crowdbreakers, Mixers, and Games can add an important element to meetings for international students.  Here are several that have proven effective…


Chinese Focus Group

Three week focus group for Chinese produced by Bridges International.


Personal Disciplemaking

Personal Disciplemaking was written by Chris Adsit and was originally published in 1988. The vision God developed in Chris through the writing of this book and his subsequent seminars eventually led Chris to launch a ministry devoted to training and resourcing disciplemakers, Disciplemakers International. (order online)


Christian Conferences for International Students

Christian conferences can play a huge role in motivation, training, and leadership development of international students.  Here are some of the most prominent ISM ministries and their online conference information.


Think Home

Here is a very special workbook to help Christian international students begin to prepare for returning to their home country (which should be started on long before actually returning). (order online)


Teaching the Ministry of the Spirit to Others

In our discipleship ministry, there is probably no more important truth to convey than the ministry of the Spirit.  Here are some helpful suggestions for passing this wonderful truth on to others.


Communicating the Great Commission

How can you best communicate the Great Commission to your disciples?


Challenging Students to Meaningful Leadership

What are the top 10 dos/donts to keep in mind about encouraging international students to lead?


Adapting To Students’ Time Constraints

Many work 70, 80 or 90 hours per week on research and/or studies.  Given their incredibly busy schedules, how can we effectively minister to internationals?


Experiencing the Mission

How might an international student develop a passion for reaching others and gain a heart for the world? Answer: Short Term Missions


Relational Thinking vs. Terminal Thinking

Relational thinking is a pattern of thought where a person evaluates and relates his present activities and decisions to his ultimate vision.  It helps the Christian align the agendas of life and ministry in a way that brings greater fruitfulness and peace of mind. 


The Challenge to Become a World Christian

“The Traveling Team” presents twelve interactive lessons designed to cause Christians to think more globally about their faith and commitment.


Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends

It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Here are some pointers as you initiate these discussions.


Outreach Ideas

There are many creative ways to provide fun and fellowship for your international students– the kind of events they will want to bring their friends to. Here are some of the best!


Initiating Conversations to Share Christ

( Reach )

How do I share Christ with an international student?  How much initiative should I take.  Is friendship evangelism best? 


Biblical Reasons to Reach Internationals

( Reach )

Several biblical principles make it imperative for us to give special attention to evangelizing and making disciples among international students…


First Steps in Reaching an International

( Reach )

Here are some key steps in beginning a relationship with an international–prayer, listening, observation and dialogue.


Books for Answering Tough Questions

Many times students will ask tough questions that stump you.  Here are five great resources to give you the answers you need….



( Reach )

Reach out to your international friends by helping them understand and experience our holidays. 


Sharing Christ through Individual Conversations

( Reach )

When do I share Christ? Is it too soon? How do I turn the conversation to spiritual things?  How do I make it clear?  How about tough questions they may have?


Unconditional Friendship

( Reach )

How to keep a healthy balance of grace and truth in our relationships.


Spending Quality Time in a Variety of Ways

( Reach )

There are a great many fun and interesting ways to spend time with your new friend!


Presenting the “Perfect-Broken Diagram”

It’s often effective to sketch out the gospel in a very personal and interactive way.  The “Perfect-Broken Diagram” is a great tool for this.  Here is how to go through it…


Ice Breakers for Small Groups

( Reach )

Several “proven” mixers for small group interaction.


First Steps Chart

First steps from initial meeting to sharing Christ to follow-up. A simple overview of the process of personal evangelism with an international friend.


Evangelistic Events

Both one-to-one personal evangelism and large group events are effective at certain times and with certain people.  Here’s an overview of conducting an effective large group outreach.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: Japanese

An overview of the strengths and weaknesses we often encounter in ministering to Japanese studying in America.  Practical suggestions for relating the gospel effectively and meaningfully.


Unique Qualities of Major People Groups: South Asian Indians

India is a land of great variety from state to state- yet there are some cultural features that are important to understand when seeking to minister to its people.


Christianity Explained

A effective series of lessons to simply and clearly present the truths of Christianity.


International Scholars JESUS film DVD

A special edition DVD of the “JESUS” film has been created with the 16 language most commonly spoken by international students. Additional “JESUS” film DVDs with different language combinations are also available.


Beginning Your New Life in Christ (in English)

Seven follow-up studies to help a new believer get established in the basics of the Christian life. This version is in English. Proven especially effective with new Chinese believers.