International Christian Foundations

International Christian Foundations series was created to assist Christians who have little Biblical knowledge to share God’s word accurately and simply. It is designed so the answers come from the passage enabling it to be prepared from the Leader’s Guide without much instruction. This makes it highly transferable and so encourages Christians to be multipliers.


Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity

A basic course offered by Campus Crusade for Christ International, the Ten Steps have been used by millions of people, including students and pastors around the world in multiple languages. These studies are the product of many years of extensive development, testing and revision. Whether you need to discover the basics of the faith for yourself, or lead others into a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ, Ten Steps is for you.


Following Up a New Believer

Discipleship material for helping another get started in the Christian Life. The “Life Concepts” introduction, follow-up sheets and leader’s guides are available also.


The Transferable Concepts

A series of “how to’s” – or “transferable concepts” in which are discussed many of the basic truths that Jesus and His disciples taught. A “transferable concept” is an idea or a truth which can be transferred or communicated from one person to another and then to another, spiritual generation after generation, without distorting or diluting its original meaning.


How You Can Walk in the Spirit

What greater promise could Christ offer to the Christian than the assurance that he can walk daily in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, and experience an abundant and fruitful life of purpose and adventure? Here is how…


How You Can Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

Learning how to be filled (controlled and empowered) by the Holy Spirit by faith can be the most important discovery of your Christian life.


Effective Follow-up for New Christians

( Coach )

Your international friend has just received Christ.  Now what do you do?  Here are some helpful pointers for following up a international student new to the faith.


Understanding the Ministry of the Holy Spirit

( Coach )

Understanding how to be filled with the Holy Spirit is one of the most important, life-changing truths any Christian can apply in their lives.  Here is a clear and simple presentation of this biblical teaching.


How to Share Your Faith

Tips on turning the conversation to Christ, making the issue clear, and answering tough questions.


Follow Up Material (four part)

A four part series of follow up materials to help a new believer become established in their faith. The series of four page colored pdfs cover various topics: confidence, acceptance, empowerment, and development.


Small Group Discipleship

( Coach )

Discpleship in small groups is an effective and biblical way to see spiritual growth in others.  Here are six “fundamentals” which will guide you as you start and lead a group.


Beginning & Leading a Small Group

This tool is a series of six brief articles, designed to help you launch and lead a small group. If you have never led a small group, or you have been leading one for years, these articles for you.


Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, has identified the following ingredients to a powerful prayer life in the Ten Basic Steps to Christian Maturity.


Spiritual Leadership

What characteristics do we see in spiritual leaders? What traits would be necessary for a person to be a leader and part of the leadership team on a local campus?


How to Study the Bible

Walks you through six steps of inductive bible study methods.


Teaching Transferable Truths

( Coach )

When discipling another believer, “tranferable truths” build a solid foundation that enables rapid growth and profound spiritual multiplication.


Profile of a Discipled International Student

It takes time to grow to be more like the Lord. Which three to five characteristics would you like to see in your disciples?  This article and worksheet will get you started.


Worksheet for Discipled Student Profile

 A simple tool to help you plan more effectively for the development of those you are discipling. A companion to the “Discipled International Student Profile.” Downloadable as MS Word document.


Foundations for Faith Studies in English

English version of the four-part evangelistic series of Bible Studies. Also very helpful for young Christians.


Overcoming Spiritual Barriers

An excellent article by Katie Rawson on IVP’s site. It discusses the biblical teaching on the powers of evil and the necessity of spiritual warfare.


Daily Bible Reading Plans

A daily, regular time of Bible reading can do more to change your life (and the lives of your disciples) than almost anything. Here is a good link to “Heartlight”, who has brought together several Bible reading plans to choose from. Find one that suits your tastes, and dig in!