International Friendship Program

Simple guidelines for an international friendship program.


International Survival Kits

An easy way to meet new international students– the international survival kit.


Presenting Yourself in Sensitive Situations

As your relationships deepen with international students, there is a time and a place to explain your purpose.  In addition to students, you will need to present yourself to others-including school administrators and volunteers.  Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you present your ministry to others.


Understanding My Friend’s Worldview

Effective communication of the Gospel requires that we understand their worldview.  But how can we learn what their presuppostions might be?


Dinners and Parties

Practical tips on how to plan a social event that will not only be enjoyable for internationals, but also give opportunities for meaningful ministry.


Entering Their World

Real influence begins once we really know the person- their heart, way of life, and culture.  But how?


Engaging with Veteran Internationals

Many student have some from other countries and are in their seond or third year here in the US.  There are specific ways you can make contact for ministry….


The Typical Experience of an International Student

The extra effort it takes to learn to understand international students is well worth the effort.  Here’s some pointers that might help…


Welcoming Internationals

International students often express their need and desire for friends, particularly at the very beginning of their time in America. Because this time is so crucial for our friends from overseas, it is imperative that we lay plans in advance to help them during these early days, when they so keenly feel the strangeness of our land.


Things to Take with You

Here are some items to put in your backpack or purse before you go over to campus to meet an international student…


International Students’ 5 Primary Felt Needs

International students have unique needs.  Here are some ways to meet those needs…


Tours and Trips

One great way to serve the needs, provide social interaction, and build rapport with your new friends is by hosting tours and trips.


Sports & Entertainment

Sporting events or other entertainment activities will give you an opportunity to involve international students and volunteers in enjoyable ministry activities together.


Helping Internationals to Understand a New Culture

There are several good ways to help your international friends adjust their new experiences in America…


Helping Internationals with their Conversational English

Here are some informal ways to help internationals improve their English skills…


Establishing Trust

In establishing relationships with those from another culture it is essential to keep in mind the Prior Question of Trust (PQT).


Serving the International Student

There are many ways to serve the international students studying at a university near you.


Ways to Meet Internationals

There are many ways to meet international students on your campus.  Here are a few which you might try…


Presenting Yourself

They say you only have one chance to make a good first impression. In many ways that is true, but with international students there are several ways to initiate a good connection with them.


Crowdbreakers, Mixers, and Group Games

Crowdbreakers, Mixers, and Games can add an important element to meetings for international students.  Here are several that have proven effective…


Chinese Focus Group

Three week focus group for Chinese produced by Bridges International.