Mobilizing Student Leaders

Why is it that many international students are not stepping forward to lead?  How can I create a ministry environment which empowers students?  Here are some answers.


A Snapshot of Student Leadership

Students can play significant leadership roles in movements to internationals.  Here is a recent example.


Personal Disciplemaking

Personal Disciplemaking was written by Chris Adsit and was originally published in 1988. The vision God developed in Chris through the writing of this book and his subsequent seminars eventually led Chris to launch a ministry devoted to training and resourcing disciplemakers, Disciplemakers International. (order online)


Christian Conferences for International Students

Christian conferences can play a huge role in motivation, training, and leadership development of international students.  Here are some of the most prominent ISM ministries and their online conference information.


Think Home

Here is a very special workbook to help Christian international students begin to prepare for returning to their home country (which should be started on long before actually returning). (order online)


Teaching the Ministry of the Spirit to Others

In our discipleship ministry, there is probably no more important truth to convey than the ministry of the Spirit.  Here are some helpful suggestions for passing this wonderful truth on to others.


Communicating the Great Commission

How can you best communicate the Great Commission to your disciples?


Profile of a Discipled International Student

It takes time to grow to be more like the Lord. Which three to five characteristics would you like to see in your disciples?  This article and worksheet will get you started.


Worksheet for Discipled Student Profile

 A simple tool to help you plan more effectively for the development of those you are discipling. A companion to the “Discipled International Student Profile.” Downloadable as MS Word document.


Challenging Students to Meaningful Leadership

What are the top 10 dos/donts to keep in mind about encouraging international students to lead?


Adapting To Students’ Time Constraints

Many work 70, 80 or 90 hours per week on research and/or studies.  Given their incredibly busy schedules, how can we effectively minister to internationals?


Experiencing the Mission

How might an international student develop a passion for reaching others and gain a heart for the world? Answer: Short Term Missions


Relational Thinking vs. Terminal Thinking

Relational thinking is a pattern of thought where a person evaluates and relates his present activities and decisions to his ultimate vision.  It helps the Christian align the agendas of life and ministry in a way that brings greater fruitfulness and peace of mind. 


The Challenge to Become a World Christian

“The Traveling Team” presents twelve interactive lessons designed to cause Christians to think more globally about their faith and commitment.