Faith Sharing with Hindus

It may be surprising to some to know that India will be the most populous nation in the world in less than 10 years. It already is the world’s largest democracy.

Indian Culture on the World Stage

India’s worldwide influence is great–in medicine, science and technology, business and investment, and in motion pictures. Major corporations are establishing divisions in India, and many large international companies, such as PepsiCo, are led by India CEOs. There are more Indian physicians practicing in America than from any other foreign nation. Much “outsourcing” is going to India from Western nations.  Medical tests are often interpreted by radiologists in India and emailed back to America or other Western countries.  Software development and computer support is often routed to Delhi, or some other major India city.

Hindus Living in America

For several years now, students from India–mostly Hindus–have been the largest group of international students in the U.S. (approx 80,000).

The Hindus living here in America value family and friendship.  They often feel isolated or excluded from American life.  Most would welcome a meaningful connection with those who would take a genuine interest in them and their culture.

Spiritual Attitude

Many Hindus have high spiritual ideals, although few students you will meet are trying hard to practice these ideals.  As for their view of Christianity, many mistakenly equate American culture with the Christian faith; therefore they associate the values and morals of our culture with our faith (or lack of it).  Perhaps the most important point to note is this:  because of the typical Indian’s commitment to his home culture-which is typically intertwined with Hinduism-the idea of “conversion” to Christianity is negative.  Yet the average Indian Hindu is very open to discussion of spiritual topics.