God’s Eternal Purpose (KGP-GEP) Gospel Tract

People who have little or no background in Christian faith need to start with basic questions: What is the Bible, Who is God, Who are we and why am I here. They need an introduction to a Christian worldview as a necessary framework for understanding the gospel. This is the reason for introducing the concept of God’s Eternal Purpose (original purpose) which establishes God’s intention for relationship with man from the beginning and therefore how to understand sin, our need and God’s activity on our behalf to restore us to that relationship with God. The KGP-GEP is more detailed to provide a fuller explanation of the gospel. This is preferred by International students who need to be clear before they commit themselves to God.

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KGP-GEP v7.3 Chinese Traditional

KGP-GEP v7.3 Chinese Simplified

KGP-GEP v7.3 English