Know God Personally Diagram

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Introduction: Could I share a picture with you that explains the theme of the Bible (forgiveness of man) from beginning to end?

  1. Draw the triangle representing God and the stick figure to show the relationship. Draw the tree representing the opposite of God. Explain that man’s free choice is to love God or the opposite of God.
  2. Draw the line under the stick figure, that line represents the love relationship with God has wit man. Label it LOVE.
  3. Draw the bottom line, and then explain that man broke the relationship with God through personal sin. Draw the man on the bottom line and label it JUSTICE to show man’s new relationship to God. Now draw the arrow down and label it SIN.
  4. Draw the arrows leading up to God. These are men’s positive attempts to reach God, but fall short of perfection.
  5. Solution to restoring the God-man relationship is Jesus. Draw the cross.
  6. Draw the question mark to show man is at a crossroad and needs to again exercise his free will and choose either God or self.
  7. Explain that if man wants to go back to God, he can do that by faith, which is trust in Jesus. Draw the arrow backup to God and label it FAITH. Explain that faith is a Bible word that means trust, write TRUST under faith. Draw the stick figure once again on the top line showing his restored relation to God.
  8. Draw a stick figure on the bottom line to show man’s other choice is to continue to rely on self.
  9. Draw the arrowhead on the top line showing man’s relationship to God will never end and label it ETERNAL LIFE. Draw the arrowhead on the bottom line to show that this relationship will also never end and label it ETERNAL WRATH. Go back and explain that their eternity is based on their relationship to God, either one of Love or one of Justice.
  10. Draw circle around both stick figures. On the bottom circle draw an arrow up and say some people are seeking God, and then draw the arrow showing some people are not interested in God. Then say, “As God looks down on mankind he sees two categories of people – those who have made this decision and those who have not. Which group fits you best?”
    A common answer to this is, “I’m part way up now”. So, draw a person in the middle and ask if this is where they would be. Most will say yes. Draw a line from justice curving up toward eternal life. Then explain that if God is God then his LOVE must be 100% pure and his JUSTICE must be 100% pure. Write 100% next to love and justice. That means these lines are parallel. (Illusion example – look down train track and see they touch way down the line. This is called an illusion, our eye says they touch, but our mind knows they are parallel and cannot touch.)
  11. Which of these people would you like to have represent you?
  12. Ask, how would you get from the bottom line to the top line?
  13. You can have this new relationship by trusting Jesus to forgive your sins and be Lord of your life. Offer to lead them in prayer to receive Christ and do immediate follow-up on assurance using the diagram by explaining eternal life and eternal wrath.

Designed by: Gary Ramm Need help, call or email and I will talk you through it 206-524-4116

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