Launching a Ministry Chart

Launching a Ministry Chart

Launching a Ministry to Internationals

Our mission: Connection, Reaching, Coaching, and Empowering Students for Christ

1. Critical Mass

  • Local Leader
  • Faith in God
  • Tools
  • Local ministry sponsorship/promotion
  • Coaching from established ministry

2. Cast Vision to the Local Leader

  • Create a picture of what God can do
  • Review necessary commitments for the leader
  • Describe steps to forming a team and building a movement

3. Decode Campus

  • Take a Prayer Walk-ask God to show you how to start and to lead you to people of peace
  • Find demographic breakdowns – number of international students by nations and by academic programs
  • Learn about programs being offered by the university‚Äôs office for international students
  • Research other organizations/churches working with internationals

4. Find Leadership Team

  • Cast vision to local campus ministries, churches, Christian faculty or grad students
  • Offer easy points of entry for working with international students, for example: language partners, campus-sponsored events
  • Choose leaders from among those involved
  • Align team
  • Train team

5. Launch

  • Conduct broad sowing events
  • Build relationships with international students
  • Engage in many spiritual conversations with internationals
  • Provide training for team members/continue to cast vision
  • Expand circle of Americans who are involved

6. Launched Ministry

  • Leader(s) identified
  • Team formed
  • Broad sowing begun
  • Transformational community forming of 10+ students-international believers and nonbelievers
  • Team members and other workers forming relationships with internationals
  • Many spiritual discussions about Jesus taking place
  • Volunteers/students being equipped to minister