Planning Worksheet for the First Six Weeks

Planning Worksheet – First Six Weeks

Six Weeks that Count

Plan: Meet as many new people as possible and encourage them to be involved in a start-up Bible study (Connection Bible study). Also plan regular prayer meetings. This is crucial!

Goal: Find committed disciples to help you reach the campus with the Gospel message.

Perspective: When you make the first six weeks on campus count you’ll set the direction and thrust of the ministry for the rest of the year.


  • Gather your committed core of people and pray together for God’s leading and blessing.
  • Divide responsibilities and talk through what everyone needs to do these first few weeks.
  • Surveys! This is a simple, inexpensive way to gather hundreds of names of interested college students. Some of them are the future spiritual leaders of your campus. Take a look at some example questions.
  • Place posters, flyers and table-tents all over campus informing students about your Connection Bible study or meeting. Good ad campaigns gather more students.
  • Have a party this week for returning students on your campus. It’s a great way to connect and give direction for the semester.


  • Start following-up students that took surveys. Keep asking God to draw people to Himself.
  • Begin the Connection Bible study or other meeting. You can meet with interested students personally, or send them a letter or e-mail about the Bible study or meeting. Then you can follow them up in a group setting—one purpose of the Connection study.
  • Gather returning students to start cell groups. Decide if a weekly meeting is needed, and if so, begin working on it this week.


  • Continue with activities of week two and begin promoting the fall retreat.
  • Definitely have your Connection study, cell groups and/or meeting for returning students running by this week.


  • Continue with activities of week two and three.
  • Promote the Fall retreat.
  • Begin plans for a mid-semester evangelistic thrust for the end of October or beginning of November. An evangelistic video, debate, or article distribution could work. Ask your consultant for more ideas.


  • Continue weeks one through four.
  • Get decisions for the Fall retreat. By this week you’ll start seeing who, from the Connection study or beginning Bible study, is available, faithful and teachable—they’re potential leaders.
  • If possible have another party this week to include many of the new students.


  • Complete plans for the evangelistic outreach. Don’t forget to pray about everything!
  • Invite students in the Connection/beginners Bible study to join the next level of Bible study and commitment.
  • Head to the Fall retreat!