Presenting Yourself

Look for ways to show your international friends that you really care about being their friend and that you value their friendship.

  • Remember a new friend’s name after your first encounter. If needed, have the person write out his or her name and help you pronounce it correctly. Do the same with your name.
  • Focus fully on the international student when conversing. Do not act distracted or hurried.
  • Keep track of the important facts (academic major, home town, spouse’s name, children’s names, etc.) relating to your friend’s life here and at home.
  • Invite your friend to your home for a visit, a meal or a party.
  • Introduce him or her to your other friends and family members.
  • Visit your friend at times other than a scheduled English class or Bible study. Stop in to say “Hi,” while walking through your friend’s neighborhood or past his or her office.
  • Take pictures with your friend and send a copy-digital or hard copy.
  • Be kind to your friend’s children and provide ministry for them during international events.
  • Help when the international student is in trouble or has a special need–car breaks down, legal issues arise, parents visit from homeland, baby arrives.