Reaching Out to Our Muslim Friends


  • While Islam contains some elements similar to Christianity, the critical elements of the gospel are denied.  Therefore, it is essentially an anti-Christian religion. 
  • There is a demonic power behind Islam which only a greater spiritual power can break. Only through prayer can that barrier be broken. 
  • Prayer is thus our main action point when sharing the gospel with Muslims.

 Study Their Religion and Their Worldview

  • What is Islam?  What is it not?
  • “Religion is part of my life” vs. “Life is part of my religion”

Build Bridges

  • Cornelius: could be viewed as a Muslim prototype – devout, generous, spiritually open (Acts 10).  Look for people like him.
  • Instead of attacking wrong theology, start with good theology and build up.
  • Many Muslims are trained to argue–and in fact Islam is designed to advance by force–so don’t play into that.

Intentionally Love

  • Evangelism doesn’t always have to be intentional/agenda-driven, but love does need to be.  Love your Muslim friends in practical ways, on a regular basis.
  • Friendships should persist even if spiritual interest does not.  The reason we should reach out to Muslims is not just to convert them.  The reason should be because we have God’s love in our hearts.
  • Many Muslims think that they will never make a true American friend.  And most Muslims never get to meet Christians like us.
  • Ask them for specific prayer requests.  The prayers they recite are mostly ritualistic.  Many Muslims rarely pray specifically for each other, and they will appreciate your willingness to do that.
  • Love is what everyone craves, but Islam cannot offer.  Of the 99 names for Allah, not one of them is Love.  Allah is called Merciful, but mercy is not as fully relational as Love.  Show your friends the incredible love that God has for them.  They need to see it before they can believe it.

Have Boldness

  • It’s easy to get into a spiritual conversation with Muslims because religion permeates their life.  Ask lots of questions.
  • Most converts from Islam who give their testimonies say that at same point a Christian explained the true gospel and gave them a Bible.  Belief took time, but they still needed to know what to believe in!  Give them a Bible.  Reading the Bible and the heart-piercing words of Jesus is really transforming.  This, more than rational arguments, is what convinces them that the Bible is not corrupt.
  • Dialogue about the difference between religion and spirituality.  Islam may change someone’s actions but not his or her heart.  The gospel transforms the heart which genuinely changes the actions.
  • Share about your spiritual life–especially if you are a young adult. For many Muslims, the idea of a young person being truly focused on God is strange but admirable.  Mohammed himself was 40 before he received his revelations.