Stories from Spiritual Movements

Stories from Spiritual Movements

Spiritual movements belong to God-He raises them up and He works through them.  Not surprisingly, He does things within these movements that bring honor to His name.  Check out the following stories!  (The names and locations have been altered to protect the individuals or ministry groups.)  

Indians Receiving Christ at a West Coast University

A strong ministry among Indian students has been growing for several years on a West Coast campus.  That is, among male Indian students.  The movement was led by “Stan,” an Indian graduate student.   Over time and with coaching from leaders in his church, Stan began to see God work on his campus.  Students from different nations expressed interest in Christ-even those from Hindu backgrounds.  Despite the fruitfulness, Stan prayed for female leadership so that Indian women could also be exposed to the gospel.  The situation changed when “Erica” transferred from the Midwest to join him.  She soon met two Hindu girls and introduced them to Christian fellowship and study opportunities.  Both soon placed their trust in Christ-despite the strong cultural pressures not to do so.  Not long after this, several students gathered for a birthday party at another student’s apartment.  It turned into a worship service with hymns being sung-in front of the idols of Hindu deities that belonged to the student.  “If someone had told us that we would be worshipping Christ in a Hindu apartment,” says Stan, “we would have never believed it.  Such is the power of God.”

Chinese Woman Reaches Out on Midwestern Campus

“Fung” is a fun-loving Chinese at a Big Ten university who ties her hair back in a ponytail, loves chocolate in any form and is always wearing Old Navy jeans.  But she came face-to-face with potential heartbreak when she went home for the summer and her mother suffered a heart attack.  Fung prayed, God healed her mother, and Fung was amazed by the result.  When she returned to campus for the fall semester, she told her Christian friend, “I want to become a Christian… I want to believe in someone who is powerful enough to heal.”  As she grows in her faith, Fung continues to demonstrate a dynamic approach to life.  She prays with expectancy and witnesses boldly, reaching out to her Communist roommate and her Muslim colleague. 

Several Muslims Receive Jesus at Mid-Atlantic School

 “Amal” traveled from Middle East to the United States to study at a major university in the Mid-Atlantic region.  As Amal wandered around the student center on that campus, “Craig” noticed him.  Amal looked lost, and Craig was able to guide him in the correct direction.  They quickly struck up a conversation, and Craig learned that Amal was a new student.  Before they parted, Craig mentioned that he was a minister and was available to provide help in the future.

Days later, Amal decided that he wanted to understand Christianity better, and so he set up a meeting with Craig.  Amal said that he had once visited a church in Baghdad because “Christians are such loving people.”    Craig and another campus minister-a Christian who comes from an Arab nation–were able to share the gospel with Amal.  When Amal realized that he could personally receive Christ for the forgiveness of sins, he asked the other men, “Do I need to wash before I pray?”  (In the Muslim tradition you must always clean yourself physically before you pray to Allah.)  Craig responded, “No, that is why we have Jesus; his work on the cross has cleansed us!”  That day, Amal placed his faith in Christ.  Since then, he has helped Craig visit with other Arab students on campus.  Recently, one of Amal’s friends-also from a Muslim background-professed faith in Christ. 

Movement Begins on Great Lakes Campus

It began with a prayer meeting where a group of American Christian students highlighted the fact that more than half of their school’s student body was comprised of international students.  “Who is reaching out to these students with Christ’s love?” they asked.  “What kind of role can we play?”  Over a few weeks, their prayers led to action.  They decided to start a Bible study with any international student who seemed interested.  After a couple of weeks of study, the prayer meeting that led to the Bible study then led to an outreach.  The students in the Bible study recognized that many of the international students had not experienced any of the tourist attractions that their city offers.  They decided to invite all international students to join them in visiting one of the city’s most popular attractions.  They planned for 60 students, but 260 showed up. 

Encouraged by that beginning, the students have continued to provide opportunities for international students to know one another and to explore the claims of Christ.  For example, more than 125 internationals showed up for a dinner during Easter season of 2008, and about 40 expressed interest in future opportunities to learn more about Jesus.