The Muslim Mindset Toward Christians

It should not be a surprise that Muslims tend to view Christians and Christian-based societies very differently than we would view ourselves or our societies.  Consider the following aspects of a typical Muslim’s mindset:

  •  Religion and the State

In many nations, Islam governs every aspect of life, not just the religious.  There is no division made between religion and state.  The laws of Islam (sharia) overshadow the authority of the government and are to be strictly enforced by the government.

  •  View of Non-Muslim Nations

Because of the view stated immediately above, Muslims believe that a society is a direct reflection of its religion.  That is why many assume that what they see on television coming from the U.S. (a “Christian” country) must represent the Christian lifestyle.

  •  View of the Christian Deity

Muslims believe that Christians worship three gods – God, Mary, and Jesus, their son.

  •  View of Christians and Blasphemy

Muslims believe that Christians, by equating Jesus with God, have committed the unpardonable sin (shirk).

  •  View of Redemption

Muslims believe that each person will be punished for his or her own sins; there is no possibility of a substitute.

  •  Islam and Loyalty to Family/Culture

A Muslim may feel that to become a Christian is to become “Western” and therefore deny his or her family and culture.