Things to Take with You

After meeting someone at an activity, you will often want to meet that person individually.  Here are some items to put in your backpack or purse if you expect to meet in your friend’s home or office for at least 15 minutes.  As you’ll see, the first group of items is useful for promoting conversation; the second group is useful in communicating the gospel.

  • Maps of THEIR country
  • Maps of YOUR country, your state, your city
  • Map of the university
  • Pictures of your family
  • A photo album of your ministry events, trips & friends.
  • Informational flyer about your ministry
  • Your business card with your cell phone and email address.

Other Items You Can Have on Hand:

  • Phone book
  • Bilingual/English New Testament
  • Picture Bible
  • Bible study book that is tailored for internationals
  • Information about available activities and/or churches
  • “Soularium” -a packet of thought-provoking photographs that help to create spiritual conversations
  • Gospel booklet in his or her language

As you meet, talk about your own background as well as asking your friend to do so.  He or she will feel more comfortable if you share equally in the conversation.