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4. Common Muslim Objections

Muslims typically have three objections to the Christian Faith. These objections question the very basis of our faith. As we engage with our Muslim friends we should know what we believe and how to respond to these objections in a loving a gracious manner.

1. The Bible has been corrupted or changed. 

  • Personal response: Ask why your friend thinks so. Has he or she ever read the Bible? Ask for examples of “errors.” 
  • Theological response: Focus on the nature of God – He is all powerful and can protect His Word. Also focus on the nature of inspiration – God used human authors to communicate His meaning through their vocabulary and style.
  • Logical responses: Ask, “When do you think the Bible was corrupted?” If your friend says it happened before Muhammad, point out that the Quran speaks highly of the Bible. If your friend says it happened after Muhammad, point out that we have copies of the Bible from long before Muhammad’s time—and they are unchanged.

2. Jesus is not the Son of God; there is no Trinity.

  • Assert that Christians also believe in only one God. 
  • Ask questions such as these: What do you believe about God? What is He like? Is anything impossible for God? Is it possible that He could take on human form in order to communicate more clearly with us? 
  • Invite your friend to study the Bible with you on this topic.

3. Jesus did not die on the cross. 

  •  Explain the necessity of the crucifixion due to God’s holy and just character.
  • Explain the “offensiveness” of sin to God’s character and righteous demands.
  • Explain the significance of the crucifixion and resurrection to our faith. 
  • Explain the evidence for the resurrection.



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