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Spectator Games

Large groups often love to watch a smaller group of students play a game. You can either ask for volunteers, or use a spectator game to challenge winners of an earlier game in order to find a champion. 


Select up to five teams of students, 3 or 4 per team. Each team picks one person willing to have their head covered with the contents of one can of shaving cream. At the signal, team members apply the shaving cream to the person’s head and start “styling.” Give them a limited time, such as 3 or 5 minutes. Let the crowd choose the champion by applause.


Have 3 to 5 guy-girl pairs up front. Cover the guys’ faces with shaving cream (or whipped cream, which is not so gross to taste but does not work as well). Have the gals stand about 6 feet away and throw cheese puffs at their partner. Most cheese puffs stuck to the face in the allotted time wins.


Get some extra-large latex gloves. Each contestant fits one over his head, down to just below the nose, sealing it with his fingers. They breath in through their mouths and exhale through their nose to inflate the glove. First one to pop the glove wins.


Contestants each put a large rubber band on their heads, over the middle of their ears and on the point of their nose. At the signal, they race, use facial expressions and contortions, to move the band down to their neck. This activity produces great photo opportunities.


Each contestant is given a box of tissues. Using one hand and pulling one out at a time, see who can pull the tissues out first. Be prepared with bags to clean up.


Build a pyramid of 6 empty soda cans for each player (3 on bottom, 2 in middle, 1 on top) on a stool or table. Using rubber bands, the players must knock down the whole pyramid from a set distance away. Start far (15 feet) then allow them to move closer if no-one has won.


Using 25 plastic cups of one color for each player, place cups upside down onto the table (24 are on the table, 4 rows of 6 cups and 1 to start with in the player’s hand).  The players race against each other by stacking all of the cups together starting with one cup and putting it onto the other cups. You can make the rules using only one hand or two hands.  First person to get all of the cups stacked, wins.

For another cup stacking challenge, set up a pyramid of 15 cups for each player. 5 on bottom, 4, 3, 2, 1 on top. Using one hand only, see which player can stack all the cups back into one cup and then reassemble the pyramid the quickest.


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