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Profile of a Discipled Student (PODS) is an effective tool for discipling international students.  It gives you a solid framework of topics and readings from the Bible. It allows freedom to choose how you discuss and pass on topics. Use the included discussion format or use other resources you’ve found which work well with international students.




A great resource for leading small groups with seekers. This tool includes topics, verses, and a discussion format you can use to help students begin to understand the message of the Bible.




Today, right here in the United States, you can help build a powerful missionary force  by discipling Chinese students on a campus near you. However, there are many cultural considerations affecting the spiritual faithfulness of our disciples. Reaching Across Cultures: Discipleship gives a great overview of the challenges to the walk and witness of Chinese students:




This special edition of Reaching Across Cultures spells out five reasons why Chinese are strategically important.  They are: 1. Numerous 2. Prestigious 3. Estranged 4. Intrigued and 5. Strategic.  Included are incredible insights for reaching out to the people of this important culture.




If you’re discipling a Muslim-background believer, God has given you an awesome privilege. While every new believer is precious and someone over whom the angels rejoice in heaven, it can also be a difficult journey.  Reaching Across Cultures: Discipleship version for Muslim background believers is full of helpful insights about the road a new believer must travel and ways you can help them on ther journey.




Muslims are one of the largest unreached or under-reached people groups on the earth. God, in His wisdom and grace, is bringing increasing numbers to study at American universities. Currently, more than 150,000 international Muslim
students are present on our campuses.




Indian students are the second largest international student group in the U.S. What if students from many of its diverse communities became disciples who could reach out to their family and friends in culturally appropriate ways? This edition of Reaching Across  Cultures: Discipleship gives you an overview of the cultural considerations needed for effective discipleship among this diverse and colorful culture.





Indians and other South Asians* represent the second largest group among international students on American campuses today. They are talented, optimistic and globally-minded. They speak English well. They are increasingly open to cross-cultural relationships. Plus, they are a fun and richly rewarding group of students with whom to engage–a group we would most likely be unable to reach in their homeland.




Several ministries from several continents have created this bible study series.  It exists for small group or one-on-one discussions covering the gospel message, basic follow-up, and early stages of discipleship.

Download Unit 1

Download Unit 2



Getting ready to lead an International Essentials session is simple. Each one-page outline can be used as both the leader’s guide and as the students’ worksheet. It includes directions and guided discussion questions. Print one sheet for each person in your group. Work through the discussion from left hand column to right.



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