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5. Do’s and Don’ts with South Asians

DO…serve your friends unconditionally out of love—no strings attached.

DO…be respectful and courteous as you learn about your friends’ culture and beliefs. Ask intelligent probing questions. Remember the answers.

DO…demonstrate authentic spirituality, a clear distinction from cultural “Christianity.” Let your friends see the differences Jesus makes in your life.

DO…share your faith story with humility and also talk about God’s work in your daily life.

DO…focus on internal spiritual transformation rather than outward rituals or religious conformity.

DO…treat the Bible respectfully since Hindus regard it as a holy book.  

DO…discuss biblical concepts like love, humility, prayer, sin, eternity and forgiveness. Focus on practical applications to life.

DON’T...imply that following Jesus means rejecting one’s birth family and culture.

DON’T…criticize Hindu traditions (worship of the cow, arranged marriages, caste system, etc.).

DON’T…let sharing the gospel become the only motive for your relationships or service.  

DON’T…argue or make religious comparisons. Your goal is not to win a debate.  

DON’T…push your friend to make a faith decision. Be patient and allow God to work.

DON’T…assume all South Asian “Christians” have  a personal relationship with Christ. Take time to get to know them and ask questions that will help clarify this issue.

DON’T…assume that all South Asian church events or individual believers will automatically help you communicate the gospel to your Hindu friends. Depending on their approach, some may produce a negative reaction.

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