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5. Do’s and Don’ts with Muslims

DO…be loving, friendly, fair, and courteous. 

DO…be the initiator in the relationship. Take a personal interest in others, their culture and their nation. 

DO…make a distinction between true and nominal Christians.

DO…pray with Muslims whenever possible, focusing on their needs. 

DO…ministry on a one-to-one basis (group settings for spiritual conversations are often not effective with Muslims).

DO…treat Bibles with respect (keep them off the floor, out of the bathroom, etc.). 


DON’T…criticize Islam, Muhammad, or the Quran. 

DON’T…discuss Middle East politics, especially matters pertaining to Israel. 

DON’T…get into heated arguments. Present your beliefs clearly but with respect. DON’T…assume words have the same meaning (sin, Messiah, salvation, Son of God). Define what you mean by these terms. 

DON’T…expose your friend’s interest in the gospel to others – especially other Muslims

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