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6. Resources for Ministry to Chinese

Tools for Ministry

  • Heart Mirror – popular pictorial tool proven effective for engaging Chinese students in spiritual conversation. 
  • Discovering God in Chinese Characters – an illustration of the gospel in Chinese characters (Order through
  • God’s Eternal Purpose (English)– a revised version of the “Knowing God” booklet (available in Simplified Chinese. God’s Eternal Purpose (Chinese)
  • Global Short Film Network in Mandarin

The Reason for God, by Tim Keller is translated into Chinese. A good apologetic book to give to students. 

Digital Tools for Chinese Students

  • Xinshengming ( This Chinese website includes a great variety of resources for both seekers and believers. It offers insightful articles that are relevant to today’s students, such as eating disorder, drug addiction, and abortion. Encourage students to read relevant topics and discuss them with you.
  • Ilovegrow ( : Lots of articles here for new and growing Christians. Topics range from helps, to knowing God more, to dealing with personal struggles, to cults. The website is all in Chinese, you can share it with students who want to grow.
  • Family Life: FamilyLife’s ministry website offers articles and resources on marriage and relationships. It helps students to navigate family and romantic relationships with biblical guidances.

Resources to learn about Chinese Ministry and Culture

Foundations for Faith

This is a Chinese bi-lingual seven-part series of studies which cover the basics of Christian belief. Two lessons each on the following topics: 1) What Is God Like According to The Bible? 2) If God Exists, Why Is the World in This Condition? 3) What Did God Do About the Problems? 4) Why Did Jesus Have to Die on The Cross?

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