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6. Resources for Ministry to South Asians


  • Hindu students may initially prefer paraphrased  Bibles due to their narrative approach. While  a Bible in the mother tongue may be helpful for some, it is normally not necessary.
  • Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, by Sally Lloyd-Jones, is an excellent introduction to the Bible.

Outreach Resources

Jesus  through  Asian Eyes  is  a booklet  by Clive Thome and Robin Thomson that sheds light on questions and misconceptions about Jesus and Christianity.

  • Jesus with Dirty Feet is a book by Don Everts that introduces Jesus and deals with misconceptions.
  • Intelligent Design videos by Illustra Media explore evidence of a creator through the complexity and diversity of the natural world. This can promote thoughtful discussions on the origin and purpose of life.

Contextual Resources

  • Connecting With Hindu International Students by W. Stephens (InterVarsity) is a concise but very thorough booklet that provides insight into Hindu culture, religion and family that helps its readers better understand their South Asian friends and how to best share and show the good news of the gospel.
  • Engaging with Hindus by Robin Thomson is a booklet that clearly presents some basic elements of Hindu culture and religion and provides insight that will allow followers of Christ to loving engage their Hindu friends.
  • Hinduism is a booklet by H.L. Richard that provides an outstanding but concise summary of Hindu beliefs and practices.
  •  – “Aradhna” means worship, and this group captures the beauty and dignity of India’s traditional worship music with songs of praise to Jesus. 
  • – Karma to Grace is a web site designed to promote dialogue between Christians and Hindus. The immediate aim of Karma to Grace is to present a comparison and contrast of and between the ideas of Christianity and Hinduism
  • South Asian Cultural Tips
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