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5. Do’s and Don’ts with Chinese


DO…speak clearly and slow down! These are bright students but they may not be able to follow fast-paced talk in their second or third language.

DO…connect with them through technology and social media. Be aware that WeChat is the most popular communication medium for Chinese students, but of course, you must use it cautiously since others could monitor your messages.

DO…be sensitive to include them in conversations when you talk to others.

DO…ask questions politely if they are doing things that you don’t understand.

DO…initiate spiritual conversations rather early within a relationship. Share your testimony and how Christ makes a difference in your life.

DO…invite them into “your world” (invite them to your house, introduce them to you friends, take them camping, invite them to watch football games, include them in family gatherings).

DO…experience life in “their world” (eat Chinese food, watch their favorite shows, hang out in their apartments, seek to understand their backgrounds).

DO…celebrate special Chinese holidays with them – such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. Learn about the significance of each holiday.


DON’T…think that all Chinese come from the same background.

DON’T…underestimate the influence their families and culture have on them.

DON’T…discuss controversial topics such as “T-T-T” (Taiwan, Tibet, Tiananmen Square).

DON’T…assume they always understand what you’re saying when they nod and smile.

DON’T…pressure them to do things they don’t want to do.

DON’T…forget to explain basic spiritual terms, such as “New Testament,” “Christian,” “baptism” and “saved.”

DON’T…get discouraged if it takes them a while to come to Christ. Be a true friend!

DON’T…assume they have fully understood the gospel when they say they have believed in God.


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